leah-85“Off to college, yes you went away, straight from high school you up and left.” I think Aliayah, the famous singer, said it in her song titled Miss You.

You definitely will miss your high school friends. I do! Although we promised to connect with each other daily, we learned promises aren’t always kept. It’s hard getting in touch with my high school friends. First we are all busy with adjusting to school, but, more importantly, I realized that whenever I contacted them I neglected the friends I made at college and I feel like I’m grasping onto the past. It’s hard to transition to new types of people because you have to create a new bond and all those old insiders with your high school friends don’t apply. So, when you are laughing by yourself about a squirrel in a trash can everyone is looking at you like you are crazy.

Honestly, I am afraid of losing my high school friends. They are such special individuals and I feel like we all connect in a perfect way. They really became apart of my family. I don’t ever want college to get between us, which is why I try to keep up with facebook posts, weekly calls, and anything else in between. Some people do fade away though and some friendships sadly have expiration dates, but I don’t think that will ever happen to the relationships I have with high school buddies.