leah-85ATTENTION: High school juniors get your act together. Sure you have all the time in the world right? Wrong. Time goes by fast and you don’t want to rush through one of the most important forms of your life.

Start early please! Make a solid list of the schools that interest you and be sure to have a realistic but personal list. You have to decide what’s best for you. I’m talking about location, academic challenge, lifestyle and prestige. Go to collegeboard; make an account if you haven’t yet and look up schools. Everything you need is there. Start off with about 15 and then slowly cut off any school that doesn’t seem right. It’s the only time where you get to be picky so use it to your advantage.

Also, there are scholarships out right now for you juniors. And, they are really cool. Some offer to pay for your college years on top of giving you the opportunity to take classes over the summer. Go to fastweb and make it a homework assignment to find free money. Because I am sure you can afford free! Or better yet, register to become an Opportunity Scholar on CSO College Center! What’s really amazing is that you have access to receive everything you need to know and so much more. Not only do you have the chance to connect to people who know exactly what it means to live your life, but you also get guidance and what to do. So after reading this create a personal profile. And, if you are looking for scholarships then you should know that you can receive the CSO four year renewable Opportunity Scholarship. So you can do what I try do: vent and be wise! It is really exciting to blog and let other read about all the great things you have to say while being the first in your family to go to college!

On top of all that homework, now is the best time to pair up with a senior and ask them for tips as well. They just went through the entire process and are probably feeling relieved and wise. I bet they could eat lunch with you and tell you the scoop. Use your seniors as a resource; they are more likely to be in the same situation as you and can be beyond helpful.

But, if not, you always have me and the other bloggers.

I’ll write to you soon.