angelica-85A new year, a new me!!! Oh no, I’m not going to sit here and tell that lie. It’s a new year, that’s true, but I am still the same old Angelica. Of course I plan on improving my self, maybe find a new job, and study a bit harder. This year I plan on obtaining my dream GPA, which is a 4.00. Last semester, I was just two points away from a 3.00, and I tell you that was a blessing.

I had very rocky fall semester because I changed my Major from Mass Communications to English. I had a lot of catching up to do and that was a lot of hard work. I took on 15 credit hrs and worked two part-time jobs. Yes, last semester was horrendous and I am looking forward to spring semester being just as crazy.

Now that I am a second semester Sophomore, I’ve learned to manage my time so that things won’t overwhelm me. In college managing time is pertinent. I’m looking forward to spring semester being enlightening and a lot of hard work. I’m also looking forward to snatching up my dream GPA, 4.00 all the way, but if not, a 3.00 will be just as good. When things get rough, I  always keep in mind that those things are temporary; temporary discomfort in order to gain long term success!!!

Peace, love, enjoy your journey…