khadijah-85Hey CSO,

It’s New Year’s Day, and you know what that means- New Year’s Resolutions! Notice that revolution and resolution only differ by one letter (the most productive typo ever!). Thus, New Year’s Day is that time to revolutionize your thinking and behavior in order to accomplish your full potential! I had started wording my resolutions as “I will stop this, I will stop that,” but it is easier to keep a resolution if it’s in positive form. So I have worded all my resolutions as “I will do this” or “I will do that.” Resolutions are important to make because you are making a commitment to yourself to improve yourself, and you are telling yourself that you deserve to be the best you can be and are committed to reaching your goals. I am making resolutions to myself because like you all, I want to better myself and my life. If you are with me, you’ll think of some resolutions as well.

Now, I am enlisting CSO’s help to help me change my behavior. Research has shown that you’re more likely to keep your New Year’s resolutions if you tell people about them, so I am telling all of CSO, my friends, supporters, and everyone who reads the CSO blog my resolutions for the New Year so I can stick to them. Gulp…

I could have a very long list but here are my top 9 resolutions for the New Year:

1. I will keep up with my CSO blog. Okay, that was an easy one, but why not start with the obvious?

2. I will start an assignment the week I receive the prompt. Starting early gives me time to really think about the assignment and all its possibilities instead of just going through the motions (or losing valuable sleep with all nighters).

3. I will use office hours as a means to get to know my professors and get their input on my work. Office hours are not only for work or sucking up, they are also for getting to know scholars who are experts and leaders in their field, but who are also human and were where you are now.

4. I will work out at least 4 times a week. Research shows that regular exercise helps lessen stress and frustration, as well as keep off the dreaded “freshman fifteen” (and “sophomore 10….”) Whether it’s yoga, strength training, cardio, or just power walking, I will commit to regular exercise as part of my routine. And I’ll allow myself some time to rest – no overdoing. I am no longer an athlete (sad face) and will stop setting the treadmill at 8:45 when I know I now run an 11(.45…) min mile (true story).

5. I will meditate at least 2 times a week. Although the pace and stress of college make it seem like the last thing I need to do is sit still and do what looks like nothing, quieting my mind and focusing on mindfulness is precisely what I need. It allows me to reflect on what’s going on and just check in on myself.

6. I will plan ahead and organize myself so that I get my important tasks done and done first. I waste so much time on pointless, non-immediate, or mindless activities.

7. I will eat right. No more ramen noodles and 1200 calorie Chipotle burritos, and no more eating out of boredom or stress. Even though Cherry Garcia tastes that much more amazing at 3am…

8. I will get enough sleep every night. Not getting enough sleep makes for a cranky, lethargic Khadijah, so I’ll be in bed by midnight from now on. Ok… 1am, but no later, and 8am wakeup. Waking up and sleeping at a consistent time helps me organize my days and give my body consistency, which helps me perform better.

9. I will hold myself accountable to meeting my resolutions and goals, and I will treat myself once a month if I accomplish all my goals. It is very important to treat yourself in order to encourage and reward good behavior. I find that I do not need to punish myself for not accomplishing my goals because the stress, anxiety, and disappointment are punishment enough.

These are my resolutions, and now that I have published them to CSO, I have to keep them!

Wishing you a happy and healthy holidays and a wonderful New Year.

Your friend from CSO,