khadijah-85I want to start this blog post with an apology. I have gotten so caught up in the demand and flow of college, that I forgot my responsibility as a blogger. My lapse in blog posts does not reflect how important I think this blog is- what it does reflect, however, is that I need to review my own post on time management (ehem, Khadijah!).

But I also want to thank CSO, not just for how it helps students who are where we bloggers were a few years ago, but also for helping us bloggers. For you see, sometimes, when college life gets hectic, it is so easy, so tempting, to move on without thinking or assessing. College life is fast paced. You blink, and several things happen and pass you by, and you can’t and don’t want to miss a second of it. You get into the grind, and your nose is down low- you have so many expectations, you gotta meet them, surpass them! Yet, I believe that stopping and reflecting is crucial to success. As important, and in many ways, more important than studying those extra hours. CSO assists me and other bloggers in this process by having us, just for a moment, reflect on our experiences in college.

Reflection is important to success.  College is more than academics and partying, it’s discovering who you are, what you love, who you want to be. It’s not to be molded into the perfect image of middle class society, although it may seem that way. For me, in particular, it has helped me come to terms with my past, and look at what  I have done because of, and not merely despite my past. Reflection helps me understand how it still affects me, and how it gives me strength. Reflection allows me to process what I am going through in college- what study strategies don’t work for me? Do I enjoy my classes? What do I love and hate the most about being at college? Am I happy with myself, with who I am now? Why am I here in college? What do I want? Are my expectations mine, or someone else’s?  Am I ok with that? Sometimes, it’s simply meditation, sitting and staring off into space in my room, on the grass, or it’s talking with a counselor, with friends, with parents, with adults. It’s writing in your book, your journal, or a diary. There is no right way to reflect, but it’s important that you do it, in your own way.

College is such a life changing experience, that it requires processing. Reflection can be spontaneous, it can be planned, as long as it’s regular. Reflection helps you grow and mature. It grounds you in a time of hectic uncertainty and organized chaos. I sound all new-agey, but trust me, try it, you’ll think it’s great or your money back.

So CSO, thank you for providing this forum to reflect on our experiences in college. Not only does it provide a great resource for students who want to go to college, but it is a great resource for us bloggers as well.

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