shaun-85This term has whizzed by in such a blur that I can hardly believe that it’s already almost over! College life has become routine, but definitely a routine that I enjoy. I have met so many great people, been exposed to interesting classes and professors, balanced my homework with work-study, and learned to love my new dorm room. I feel very happy here.

But amidst the rare snowfalls and Christmas decorations, there is a tension so thick on campus that you could cut it with a knife: you guessed it, next week is the infamous Exam Week. It will be my first time taking college exams, and I am slightly nervous. W&L has a wonderful system where you can take your four exams in any of 11 time slots you choose, ranging from this coming Saturday to the following Friday. This has been so helpful as I have tried to plan my studying. Finally, next week will be an end to my microeconomics, calculus, Spanish literature, and American politics courses.

I’m looking forward to moving on to new classes, which I have already registered for. Next term I will be taking courses on natural disasters, global politics, Hispanic literature, and art history. In the spring, I will have an awesome opportunity with W&L’s four-week spring term, where I will take one course intensively for a month. In an attempt to get my lab science credit taken care of, I will be participating in a course called Volcanology, in which I will study volcanoes and spend a week in Flagstaff, Arizona exploring the San Diego mountain range. I’m so excited!

Also, I plan to be a part of W&L’s Greek Life here on campus, which 80{53c6eff5ce19621f7316832cfedf08caab022021f1679c62c3f44b8900ceaf72} of students participate in. All term I have been meeting girls from all of the different sororities, and the first week in January formal rush begins! I really hope that I will find my place in one of the six sororities here on campus.

Good luck to all of you seniors waiting to hear back about early action and early decision, and Merry Christmas!