jenny-85Okay, so I’ve already gotten to the college. All in one piece. It’s been a good week of orientation. I met a lot of people. Half of which I won’t remember their names, but I’ll walk past them and still wave. And then whisper to a friend, “What’s their name again?”

But my biggest problem is not knowing everybody’s names. No, not at all. There are always going to be people you won’t know or haven’t met. It’s perfectly normal. In fact, it’s a great chance to make friends.

My BIGGEST problem is my severe lack of a sense of direction. Oh yes. Amherst College isn’t that big. But I still get lost. I have a map, but I still end up going in the wrong direction.

The thing is, when you’re a freshman, you have the right to have a map on you at all times. It’s perfectly okay. You know why? Because you don’t want to end up like me: in the middle of the athletics field at 11:30 PM, with no one else around, trying to find your way back to your dorm. I didn’t even know how I ended up there. I just thought I’d go for a walk…

College can be fun. It can be crazy. I’m having a great time, randomly deciding to get up and go on a walk (with a friend that actually knows where we’re going) and explore the campus and town. Misadventures happen. Some other freshmen and I decided to walk all the way to Walmart because “it’s not that far.” No. No. In fact, it is really far. I have flipflop blisters now.

Classes are just starting. I’m worried about how hard the classes will get. But that’s okay, everybody tells me. The college has resources and tutoring centers. Relax. It’ll be fine.

Everything is happening all at once. It doesn’t stop. And sometimes you may feel a little overwhelmed. I sure am. But keep an open mind. I like to think of everything as an adventure; as experience, something that I can learn and grow from. Be open. Be patient. Take things as they come and then slowly adapt.

Oh yeah. For many of you high school students: make sure you ask your parents to show you how to wash your clothes. Ahaha.