jordan-85To explain the title, at USC they put and “SC” in front of everything they possibly can, such as SCatalogue and SCampus. I think it’s a little funny, but so far, my college experience has been great! I moved into my dorm here at USC on Wednesday, August 18, and the past few weeks since then have been fantastic.

My first week here was called “Welcome Week.” This involved many activities to welcome all of the new freshman to the University. I took part in events such as a pancake breakfast, a dive-in movie where hundreds of people went to the school’s pool where they screened a movie, a carnival in the main quad, many events where free food was given, such as barbecues, and also attended a full-on concert that they put on every year. This year the headliner was a band called Ra Ra Riot.

Another thing that made my first week even better was the friends I made. I had been talking to my roommate for some time before we came to school, and he’s a cool guy. We met the rest of the guys on our floor on the first day and immediately made friends. This may have been partly because we have a 32 inch TV in our room and xbox, but hey whatever works right?

After Welcome Week concluded, classes began. This semester I am taking three general education courses: Earthquakes, Exploring Culture Through Film, and The World of the New Testament. I am also taking Calculus. So far I would have to say Earthquakes is my favorite class. The professor is a funny guy and he makes the material interesting.

One piece of advice I would have to someone wanting to attend a college with a large campus is BRING A BIKE. This has been amazingly helpful to me in getting from class to class and anything else I need to do throughout the day.

I can’t wait to experience more each day, and I look forward to sharing with you!