jesse-85Interview time! Whether you already had them or still got some late ones, this is often the last step in the application process, aren’t you relieved?

Some tips though- I know you have heard this before, but be yourself! Of course, you want to get cleaned up and dress nice but don’t feel like you have to put up a front and be someone you’re not. You want the school to want you for you. I remember for my Harvard interview, I was crazy nervous. While I was waiting, all kinds of thoughts were going through my head. Thoughts like, “They’re not going to like me because of the way I talk or look or smell or..” No, just kidding, I wasn’t worried about that last one haha.

When the time finally came, I took a deep breath and had a regular conversation with the guy! He was really nice and we talked about my experiences in high school and why I wanted to go Harvard. I shared my experiences as a first-generation college student amongst other things and I think I was able to really connect with him. I did my best to show my true self because if you try to act fake, they’ll be able to tell.

Look, you made it this far! There is no need to worry- prepare what they ask you to prepare, comb your hair, smell nice, and do you.

Now that you’ve finished interviews, focus in school, don’t slack off, and try to keep your mind off the letters. I know it’s hard but at this point, the only thing you can do is wait. Go out and do something in your community! That’ll help keep your mind off things haha.

Also, Video Blog coming soon! Things have been way hectic with events and event planning but I think it’s about time for one with LOTS of updates.

Until next time!