ashley-85I’m sure you have heard this before but don’t rule out a college by the price, but there are other things that I want to point out that you should or should not judge a school by.

1. Size– I know many people do base their college searches on sizes of the school; but sometimes there are other things that are more important, like the benefits schools offer their students. I have a friend who wanted to go to a State University, but instead came here because of the Nursing Program. You don’t want to go to a school if they can’t provide you with what you need, no matter how perfect everything else may seem.

2. For other people– Never consider a school because that’s where your best friend, boyfriend/girlfriend, or parents want you to go. College is about making you the person you want to be. No matter how much you want to make people happy, when it comes to your future, your happiness is all that matters.

3. College statistics and reputation– Never think that a college is too good for you. If you are looking at schools and think that it is perfect, but that you would never get in, apply anyways. Each person is unique and we all provide different things. If you are worried that you wouldn’t fit in based on stereotypes… ignore those stereotypes. Colleges don’t want students all the same.

4. The feel– This is what I want all of you looking at schools to look for. When you have found the right college for you, you will know. I know this sounds cliché, but it is true. There is a college out there for everyone, don’t settle for anything less.