jesse-85I was cornered, surrounded, and jumped by my workload this week.

Let’s start from the beginning of the story. This past weekend was Parent Visitation Weekend at Harvard. My Mom and Little Brother were coming to visit – I was PUMPED!! I missed them so much and I couldn’t wait to give them the biggest hug of their lives. It was their first time on the east coast and my brother’s first time on a plane, I wanted to show them how I live now that I’m in college and also show my brother that he too can go to a great university if he works hard.

Just when Parent Visitation Weekend was finally inching closer, I received some news that made me wonder if I was even going to see them long enough to have a conversation.

In the span of two days, I was assigned a 5-7 page paper that was due this past Monday, a take-home midterm, which was two 7-page papers and an I.D. section due this past Tuesday, and a Philosophy paper (which is a style of writing that is COMPLETELY different than what I am used to) due this Friday – on top of the regular workload for the week AND my family being in town.

I could have freaked out and panicked but, like in high school, whenever you are faced with a potentially FATAL situation, you have to stay calm and make the best of it.

It was rough but I managed to see my family and I was able to work on my papers. At some points, I did both at the same time.

I have to say, this is probably the roughest week of my entire college career, so far. I’ve only been in school since late August, but still. Like in high school, you have to find balance. Stressing will do nothing; you have to stay calm.

I learned a lot from this experience. First, I learned just how much my family and friends support me and how as long as I keep them in my thoughts, I can find strength to pull through. Second, I learned how important it was for me to work hard in high school so I could be ready for times like these where time management is key to survival. Third, I learned that if you’re struggling, whether in a class, in school, or at home, and you feel as if there is no way out, there IS help. You can get help, you just have to look for it. In high school, you can get it from family and friends, counselors and staff at school, and after school programs. This week, I used the Writing Center, Bureau of Study Counsel, Office Hours of my professors, and more. Find those resources, guys! And always keep your head up!

College is hard but don’t feel intimidated. The harder you work now, the more prepared you’ll be when you get there. This week in college was rough but I’m almost there! And you’re almost here! It’s tough but VERY rewarding.

I’m still working on one more paper that’s due this week, so wish me luck.

Until next time,