joseph-85A kid up the hall in my dorm left last week, for good it turns out. His parents came to take his belongings back home, and they didn’t seem happy about it.  College is not High School.  For me, high school was merely a carry-over of the meritocracy I was accustomed to since kindergarten with a few exceptions.  It provided a clear layout of expectations, teachers were clear about what they wanted, and I was never asked to be any more than a mostly passive actor my education.  Simple. Perhaps more importantly, there was familiarity.  That is not the case here. This is a new world, and it can be academic oz if I want it, a place of real learning.

I find myself forever trying to consciously avoid the numerous distractions and nervous about whether I’m really smart enough for all of this. They keep telling us that we are, after all, we got here.  But then there’s that kid up the hall.  He was clearly intoxicated the other night when he wandered up to my door in a daze.  It’s only the 6th week of school (already!?) and his resign to the temptation of ease may have cost him some great opportunities.  There’s a lot of work here, he wasn’t doing it.

I got sick last weekend, and couldn’t go to my classes on Monday. Everyone’s getting sick.  At least it is early in the semester so we can catch up, but missing even a little is a big deal when you have to diligently manage your time. It’s a concept that isn’t new to me, but it’s definitely tougher than high school.  These weeks have gone fast, but I’m learning a lot and making many new friends.  In the weeks ahead, I am sure to become more acquainted with these peculiar surroundings.

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