jesse-85My mom wasn’t able to finish grade school because she had to help out in the fields of her small rancho in Mexico. She came to America to give her family hope for something better and after everything we have been through together, I just hope to make her proud by graduating from college and getting that degree.

I never thought I would make it to a place like Harvard and everyone didn’t think I would make it either, but I did. College is everything I could ever ask for, and more! I am learning about things I am passionate about and improving my writing and reading skills every day.

One of my favorite classes this semester is called Moctezuma’s Mexico and is all about Aztec and Mayan culture. It feels good to learn the history of my people and get to know what it takes to keep up with the rigor of a college course. Even though college is A LOT of work, I feel that everything I am learning actually has a purpose.

One thing I am definitely learning fast is how to manage time. If you do not know how to manage time and set your priorities, you run the risk of getting VERY far behind. That means no facebook or myspace until AFTER your work is done. Practice these habits early so you are prepared. But seriously, I am having the time of my life and meeting so many people from all over the United States and the world.

The friends that I have made so far, I am already very close to because not only do I get to hang out with them when we have free time, we also study together because of similar classes or coursework. The workload is intimidating but as long as you stay strong and focused, it is manageable. I felt that my writing skills were not as strong as others in my class so I felt discouraged but I found resources on campus to help me with that. We have a writing center and also a place called Bureau of Study Counsel that helps us learn good study habits and methods to do better in school.

As long as you work hard now, believe in yourself, and ignore all the people saying you can’t do it, you WILL make it and you WILL have the best time of your life here at college. Always remember, Shoot for the Stars, so if you fall you land on the clouds!

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